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This page shows the second Virtual Exhibition outlining proposals for County Hall and the Bittoms.

Please click on the green spots to enlarge the boards then let us know your comments via the online feedback form available on the final board.

If you would like to chat with the team directly, please visit this page on Thursday 26th November 6pm – 8pm or Monday 30th November 1pm -3pm to take part in the Live Chat. To chat with the team please click where it says LiveChat! and type in your message.

Outside of these times you can still send a message to the team by clicking Leave Message!.

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Feedback from the September Consultation

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Overview of the Proposals

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County Hall South Block

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The Bittoms Car Park

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Surrounding Views

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Landscaping & Sustainability

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Access, Parking, Outdoor Amenity Space

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Timeline & Next Steps



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